Contributors and AcknowledgementsΒΆ

khmer is a product of the Lab for Data Intensive Biology at the University of California, Davis (the succesor to the GED lab at Michigan State University),


C. Titus Brown <> wrote the initial ktable and hashtable implementations, as well as hashbits and counting_hash.

Jason Pell implemented many of the C++ k-mer filtering functions.

Qingpeng contributed code to do unique k-mer counting.

Adina Howe, Rosangela Canino-Koning, and Arend Hintze contributed significantly to discussions of approaches and algorithms; Adina wrote a number of scripts.

Jared T. Simpson (University of Cambridge, Sanger Institute) contributed paired-end support for digital normalization.

Eric McDonald thoroughly revised many aspects of the code base, made much of the codebase thread safe, and otherwise improved performance dramatically.

Michael R. Crusoe took over maintainership June, 2013.

Last updated by MRC on 2015-07-31

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