A guide for khmer committersΒΆ

This document is for people with commit rights to github.com/dib-lab/khmer.

If you have commit privileges to the dib-lab/khmer repository, here are a few useful tips.

First, never merge something unless it's been through a review! This rule can be broken under specific conditions when doing a release; see Releasing a new version of khmer.

Second, we ask that all contributors set up standing Pull Requests (PR) while they are working something. (This is a requirement if you're in the DIB lab.) This lets us track what's going on. On the flip side, please do not review PRs until they are indicated as "ready for review".

Third, if a PR goes stale, that is the original author stopped working on it, wait a while to see if they come back. If not post a message saying that you would like to pick up the PR and if that would be Ok with the original author. Wait a few working days to give them a chance to respond. Start a new branch and new PR referencing the old one, where appropriate cherry pick existing commits from the old PR so that we can give appropriate credit where credit is due.

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