How to get help

First, be sure that you:

  1. Read the documentation (this site)
  2. Google search for the error output and/or keywords related to your problem. Here you can search results from the mailing list, where others may have discussed solutions to the same issue.

only search khmer discussion email archive

Mailing List

The primary way to get help is through the khmer discussion list:, though we are also available for closer-to-realtime support via Gitter.

Asking a question

  1. Include your:
    • OS version (Mac OS X or Linux): uname -mrs
    • Python version: python --version
    • and khmer version: pip freeze | grep khmer
  2. Precisely describe what you are trying to do. Reread it from the perspective of someone else trying to reproduce your task.
  3. Copy-and-paste the exact command that is causing the problem. Include the steps you performed leading up to the issue.
  4. Include the complete error message; if it is large, include a link to a file.


You are also welcome to report an issue you are having using GitHub:

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